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Waste to Energy

Suitability Of Waste For Energy Generation | Reurasia

A recent report passed from the United Nations Environment Programme has said that over the last five decades, human beings have tripled the consumption of the earth’s natural resources. Notably, the World Resources Institute also added that about one half to three-quarters of annual resource inputs of industrial economies were returned to the environment as wastes, within one year. 

According to a study issued last 2015, ASEAN member states make up six of the top 20 countries ranked by size of mismanaged plastic waste. Moreover, it is stated that in 2030, Asia could account for more than half of the world’s middle-class consumption. Aside from the improper waste management, population growth increased demand that led to misuse and abuse of resources. 

Putting Garbage To Good Use

What can we do to solve this problem? In this new decade, we need to shift our efforts around efficient production systems and to redefine consumption habits. Aside from biogas energy installation to produce energy, there are other solutions a country or state can adapt to. 

Garbage Pile

Image 1. Garbage pile in trash dump or landfill

Municipal solid waste like paper, cardboard, food, grass clippings, leaves, wood, leather, plastics and metals sees a great opportunity. Along with many industries that were trying to deal with this problem, renewable energy is the fundamental principle of sustainable waste management. The waste to energy or WTE is widely known to be a technology that helps manage waste and mitigate climate change. This drives the country to be a sustainable one. 

Countries like Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands are among the countries with the most waste-to-energy facilities. They are switching to this kind of practice because of the many advantages and benefits it will bring to every business bottom line and to the country itself. The WTE process doesn’t generate methane. Therefore waste to energy is the only form of energy generation that reduces greenhouse gases and is capable of solving the energy crisis in the Philippines as well. 

Below are some of the benefits of waste to energy process:

Financially More Effective

The expense of energy from waste depends on technology and location as well. The advantages arise from staying clear of the cost of trash transportation and landfilling, while at the same time producing power that has monetary value. This wraps the waste to energy benefits that every business could ever have. 

Efficient Waste Management

The significant advantage of the WTE process is that it makes waste management more manageable and efficient. As a comparison to landfills that only allow decomposition of organic material, what happens to the non-organic ones? 

Prevents Methane Gas Production

Compared to landfills, where methane gas is generated, it may explode, causing further global warming when not adequately managed or controlled. However, through waste to energy solution, plants do not produce methane.

Provides Better Control of Odour and Noise

The reason why WTE plants don’t generate terrible smell is because of the process. Waste is getting burnt in a controlled manner, and such systems like activated carbon eliminate acid gases and odour.

Production of Energy

Lastly, this solution generates electricity through the anaerobic digestion process, which helps solve the energy crisis in the Philippines. This energy can be turned into electricity or heat that can help in many ways. 

Waste to energy benefits a lot of industries and businesses. This form of alternative solution is reliable and has become the basis for many of the most successful solid waste management systems. According to the National Clean Energy, there are 76 plants throughout the United States that allow municipalities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of waste sent to landfills. Thereby, they are also financially benefiting the communities they serve.

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