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Hydro Energy

Hyrdro energy

As the saying goes, “Water is life.”

This statement has never been more accurate, even in the renewable energy sector.

Aside from being a basic human need, water is a reliable and highly sustainable renewable energy resource. Hydropower contributed to about 16% of the world’s electricity. It came the second most popular, next to fossil fuels. As several years passed, the usage of hydro energy as a power source has doubled.

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Hydro Energy
Hydro Energy
How it Works

The kinetic energy of moving water is a critical factor for the conversion of energy. A specifically-designed turbine generally measures the volume and speed of the water passing through. While some turbines gauge the kinetic force of water, a special kind of propeller called the reaction and impulse wheel measures the water pressure.

Steady water flow is not present all the time, especially for run-of-river areas. With the use of advanced technology, a pump storage plant can be created to gather water from a lower reservoir and push it uphill for storage. Once there is the need for hydropower, the turbines are activated, releasing the water back to the lower reservoir.

Hydro energy offers more promises to the renewable energy sector, especially that hydro energy solutions is equally evolving.

What we can do

Depending on the client’s need, our team in Reurasie build flexible hydro generator and control systems to regulate the water flow. A hydro energy solutions provider such as Reurasia makes sure to manage, protect, and monitor the client’s power plant. We aim for it to fulfil its goal of becoming a sustainable energy source.

Why should you Choose Hydro Energy Clean and safe

The process of generating electricity with hydro energy is completely pro-environment and does not contribute to global warming. It does not release any toxin or carbon-related residue. The only pollutants it causes are the ones produced during the construction of these power plants.

Reliable and available

With the earth mainly composed of bodies of water, there are equally abundant sources for hydropower. There are also minimal to no fluctuation when it comes to generating electric power from hydropower plants.

Flexible operations

Whenever there is an increased demand for electricity, operators would push more water flow and pressure to generate power. On the other hand, water flow is minimized when there is a lesser demand to conserve water supply and energy.

Get in Touch with Us

In Reurasia, we want our clients to maximize their hydropower assets. Let us guide you and be of assistance during the planning, construction, and monitoring phase. You can rely on our team who got more than enough experience with this sector. Contact us today!


Reurasia offers a comprehensive guide on how to build a profitable and sustaining renewable energy project.
Reurasia offers an intensive support system, catering to every step of the implementation process.
Convert solid waste into useful materials that can generate electricity and other forms of energy
Our team continuously helps companies achieve their goal for a more reliable and sustainable source of renewable energy.
Convert scrap lumber, wooden debris, and agricultural waste to fuel
Develop solar heat designs and thermal solutions to power government and private agencies
Maximize wind power capacity by installing and maintaining on-site wind turbines
Build a customized geothermal energy project to power different cooling and heating systems
Convert solid waste into useful materials that can generate electricity and other forms of energy

REURASIA Energy Solutions

Equipped with practical knowledge and skills, Reurasia aims to develop and manage renewable energy projects, contributing to greener communities and a cleaner environment. Our team of highly experienced experts have successfully handled several energy solutions such as biomass, solar power, biogas, and many more.




I know maxime as a hardworking person, who has excellent analytical skills and management skill.He uses simple words and pictures to make sure that everybody in an organization understands the direction of the company. maxime knows how to ask “that” question that clarifies the problem you are working with. Furthermore maxime has substantial experience with Business development and site management, I had the pleasure of working with him on a Areva project that trimmed the organization in order to improve efficiency,business. I can strongly recommend maxime as site incharge.

SREENATH M Manager, Maintenance at hydrocarbon unit

Maxime is result oriented Site In-Charge and Commissioning Manager, successfully completed construction, commissioning, operation, training and performance tests of 3 Biomass Power Plants: 2x10MW in Thailand and 1x12 MW in Philippines.

BENNET JONES, PMP Deputy General Manager - Project Planning at BGR Energy Systems

Maxime is a very good team player, particularly working with multicultural team members. This quality has enabled him to work at project sites in Thailand and Philippines. He has an eye for detailing and he understands the organization needs and delivers them accordingly. As his direct manager, I appreciate his contribution in OTD of the project over 85%.

VILAS GHODE Associate Director-Operations & Industrialisation at CNIM MARTIN P. LTD.



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