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Mines are essential to the global economy because they supply raw materials for various products. However, getting power to these remote mining sites can be challenging. Many businesses rely on generators to provide enough electricity to run their operations. As a result, they must transport a large amount of fuel over long distances to meet Read more Why Containerized Solar Solutions Are Ideal for the Mining Industry

Natural disasters are a fact of life. Super typhoons and earthquakes are just some natural forces that significantly affect people's lives. These strong forces frequently shut down power facilities, damage power lines, and generally affect daily life. Power restoration comes first in the recovery process after a disaster. One of the few options for doing Read more The Importance of Solar Plants in Mitigating the Effects of Natural Disasters

Containerized solar solution and diesel-powered generators Diesel-powered generators are traditional power sources that generate electricity by burning fuel and are typically used in remote areas without connection to the power grid. Over the past few months, the cost of generating electricity has risen. In terms of power generation, it is clear that electricity from diesel-powered generators is Read more How Containerized Solar Solutions Complement Diesel-Powered Generators?

Fossil fuels, predominantly coal, still make up the majority of source for electricity generation. With many countries working towards net-zero emission by 2050 under their commitment to the 2015 Paris Agreement, the transition to alternative energy sources is slow. This is mostly due to the need for different equipment and systems to harness energy from Read more Biomass: Fuel of the Future

REURASIA is now the exclusive distributor of SolarGEM®, an innovative technology designed by French renewable energy power producer and developer AKUO Energy. SolarGEM® is a pre-wired and assembled solar plant in a 20ft containerized. One GEM unit contains 75 KWp. SolarGEM® can reduce fuel dependency by up to 60% from day 1.This state-of-the-art technology is mobile, Read more AKUO Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with REURASIA for SolarGEM®

REURASIA has been contracted by HDJ Bayawan Agri Venture Corp for the installation and commissioning of the expansion of their existing Bagasse Fired Cogeneration. The team hit a major milestone for steam drum lifting just 49 days after mobilization The project will use the bagasse produced by the mill to produce 3MW elec and recycle Read more REURASIA HDJ team achieves major milestone in HDJ Bayawan Agri Venture Corp Project