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If you are considering biogas energy production for your farm, let first define what anaerobic digestion is. What is Anaerobic Digestion? Producing biogas undergoes a series of biological processes where plant and animal materials (biomass) are broken down by microorganisms without oxygen. This is called "anaerobic digestion." The end product of this was combusted to generate electricity Read more Questions To Ask When Considering Biogas Production

Is 100% renewable achievable? There has been growing interest in green energy, which has become one of the primary energy generation sources. Most renewable energy sources depend on natural, uncontrolled recourses such as the sun, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass. Renewable energy is the fastest-growing of all electricity sources. However, there are significant challenges to bringing Read more Renewable Transformation Challenge

Worldwide interest in renewable energy sources, mostly on biogas, is gathering momentum as more companies and industries are setting up biogas energy solutions to produce power. To get a broader perspective of what biogas is suitable for and why businesses are moving towards these energy solutions, we have created this list explaining the advantages and Read more Biogas Energy and Agriculture

With the nonstop upturn in fossil fuels and other non-renewables, many people have started to look for an alternative approach to powering their homes and businesses. One of the many top options that gains so much popularity is an investment in biomass energy. A Renewable Resource Biomass energy is a renewable source as it continuously grows and Read more Why Biomass Over Fossil Fuels