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Upcoming Trends in Renewable Energies

Even before the pandemic, energy sources derived from renewables are already gaining popularity and with the Covid-19 lockdowns reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Renewables are seen to gain more momentum in terms of reducing carbon emissions. If this trend continues, there are renewable sources and technologies that are predicted to have the most impact in 2022 and years to come.


Advanced Photovoltaics
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Solar companies are continually innovating photovoltaics designs making it more efficient and productive. Thin-film cells are being developed to make solar panels flexible. This will also create panels that are cheaper and lightweight. Other innovations include the use or perovskite that would further increase energy conversion. There are also innovations in terms of land use. One example is Agrivoltaics, which is a combination of solar panels and plants on farmland. There is also Floatovoltaics or Floating PV, which is a method of installing solar panels over a body of water.


Green Hydrogen
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The versatility of green hydrogen is one of the reasons why it is seens as the “next big thing” as the world targets low carbon emmision. It can be used in liquid or gas form and can be used to provide electricity of used as fuel for many industries. The technology does need to overcome a few hurdles before it becomes financially viable, so it may not happen this this year, but its definitely a big topic in current technology developments in renewable energy.


Biomass - Reurasia

Energy produced from biomass or biofuel is expected to recover. Covid-19 lockdown have decreased the demand for transport fuels, also impactive the global biomass market but with economoies and markets already open and with the current rise in fuel prices, the demand for bioenergy is increasing. The International Energy Agency (IEA) also predicts that bioenergy will account for 30% of renewable energy production by 2023.

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