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REURASIA CSR:  Lending A Helping Hand 

Busuanga, Philippines, is one of the provinces in the Calamianes Islands recently hit by typhoon Quinta. One of the hardly hit by the typhoon is the agriculture sector. According to Palawan News, Ma. Theresa Rabe of Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) said that roughly around 30% of the ricefield and fisheries were affected. 

The consolidated Rapid Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (RDANA) says that about P459,000 is the cost of damage on standing crops like rice that was about to be harvested, yet affected by typhoon Quinta. Other crops and fisheries were also affected by a total of P941,000 cost of damage.

Busuanga Renewable Energy Development (BRED), along with Reurasia Management and Corporation headed by Mr. Maxime Droit, also lend a helping hand by donating sacks of rice in the Barangay Cheey last November 2, 2020, with Mr. Jemuel Valdestamfon and Erwin Santos. They also aid in distribution to respective families. 

French Government initiated the Busuanga Islands Renewable Energy Project (BRED) endorsed by Filipino and Local Government Units. It is a reforestation program in partnership with the DENR and LGU for more than 1000 hectares. The local community will use this land to feed a biomass power that will replace the current Heavy Fuel generators on the island. The project will create employment and livelihood on the island for more than 500 families.

As part of Reurasia’s corporate social responsibility, lending a helping hand will always keep its community at heart and in the center of its project. We encourage everyone to reach out by donating to our fellow Filipinos and helping the less fortunate in the villages and organizations recover from such situations.  It emits positivity, fulfillment, happiness, and love for the people around the community. 

When nature strikes, there is precious little we can do beyond sheltering in and fending for our lives or protecting what we own.

Maxime Droit CEO at REURASIA Energy Solutions Biomasss Construction & Commissioning Expert

is dedicating its time to serve the local community's best interest by developing and supporting sustainable renewable energy projects in the Philippines.