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Myths About Renewable Energy Debunked

ExplainerRenewable Energy Sources How can we run this world on Renewable Energy Solutions power sources? The problem raises quite a few fears and concerns.

People have been debating Sustainable Energy for decades— about supporting it, its place in our energy policy, and its impact.

We see a lot of misinformation being thrown around about renewable energy. But most of these debating points we hear today are based on old facts and opinions that don’t hold up anymore.

So, we set out to look at some persistent myths held by both supporters and critics of Renewable Energy Myths

Myth #1

Renewable Energy is Too Expensive

ExplainerSolar Energy The cost of installing wind and Solar Energy Solutions in recent years has plummeted. As of now, renewable energy offers the most economical solution for new capacity in several countries and regions.  The truth is sustainable energy is gaining popularity and becoming one of the most abundant and most affordable sources of electricity

Solar PV 2020In nearly 60  developing countries, solar power is more affordable than fossil fuels. In fact, IRENA stated that by 2020, wind and solar generation would be the least pricey electricity sources. The economics of renewables benefit from technology improvements and the increase in demand.  When it comes to solar and wind generation there is no input costs because they do not rely on fuel. In contrast, fossil fuel extraction, transportation, and combustion are expensive.

Myth #2

Renewable Energy kill birds

Most complaints about clean generation are that it kills birds. Well,  turbines do lead to avian deaths, and wind farms have one of the lowest rates of impact on birds of any form of power generation. But cats, buildings, and cars pose more danger.

ExplainerOur Services This is just a myth about Renewable Energy Sources; the truth about the statistic about bird deaths are caused by global warming. It was the effect of global warming, causing changes in bird migration and reproduction patterns, impacting habitats, food and water sources, and nesting places. In some countries like Europe, 92 bird species decline due to a warm climate, while 314 species are endangered in North America.

Bird Deaths - Reurasia

Myth # 3

Renewables aren’t easy to access.

Yes, it was once true!  Companies have difficulty to access renewables, but times have changed, and there was an improvement. Today, most companies can decide their Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) and turn to a combination of onsite and offsite renewables generation. It is to address their carbon goals, economic goals, varying from investment to electricity budget stabilization.

Myth #4

Renewable energy doesn’t help stop global warming.

ExplainerRenewable Energy Sources Several large-scale human activities are the cause of threatening global warmings, like burning fossil fuels for energy and massive deforestation for livestock production. Indeed, renewable energy alone can’t prevent global warming, but anyone is arguing that renewable energy is useless because it can’t stop global warming. But, renewable energies are the solutions to global warming. They should be pursued as actively as soon as possible if we want to have hope of preventing catastrophic climate change.

Climate change is happening. Some of the essential indicators have been presented on the US EPA website: “Average temperatures have increased across the contiguous 48 states since 1901, with an increased rate of warming over the past 30 years. Eight of the top 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1998. Average global temperatures present a similar trend, and all of the top 10 warmest years on record worldwide have occurred since 1998.

Temperature Worldwide

The continuous concerns about climate change have made renewable energy sources an essential component to meet the world’s energy demand. Because of the recent energy technologies, it could reduce CO2 emissions. With this, it is crucial to develop and support renewable energy supply technologies and demand for renewable energy.


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8 thoughts on “Myths About Renewable Energy Debunked”

  1. Akinloye kumolu says:

    Into waste to energy and won’t mind resources on mathematics of anaerobic digestion.

  2. Dave Yang says:

    Myth #2 – I used to sell Siemens wind turbines. The Sierra Club is the #1 opponent to the siting of all wind farms in the USA as of 3 years ago when I retired. Their concerns were not just avian deaths, but impacts on all other wildlife such as pigmy rabbits, whales (off shore wind), and much more. Furthermore, not all avian deaths are reported because most wind farms have employees picking up dead birds before sunrise.

    Myth #3 – Having spent 43 years in the power utility industry, you fail to mention the #1 problem in getting bulk renewable power (wind farms/solar farms) to loads. Transmission lines are at peak. Now conductors/cables are limited in added capacity and their additional weight can sometimes necessitate changeouts of all other equipment such as transmission towers, insulators, etc. The time frame to get all of the licensing and environmental approvals to begin construction of a transmission line is about 10 years.

    I won’t even begin with enlightening you to the holes in man-caused “global warming” run-away, now even questioned by some of the leading original global warming scientists.

  3. padhye s m says:

    Energy is a vibrant driver to unlock the treasure of prosperity and socio-economic growth. It is the most important resource we need to survive. As on date, we are passing through the era of conventional fuels, commonly termed as fossil fuels, the most potent and (AS YET!) available source to derive energy in almost all the walks of life.
    The emissions generated due to limitless consumption of the fossil fuels in turn pose a threat to the health and well-being of the inmates of our society and the global climate at large. The countries passing through the developmental phase are the biggest consumers of fossil fuels and constitute the largest group of carbon-emitting consumers affecting the climate adversely.
    Climate change is true and inevitable. Most of the increase in global temperature observed over the past fifty years is very likely due to emissions of greenhouse gases from the human activities. The concern over climate change is not so much about the warming that has occurred over the past century. Rather, the concern is about what might happen in the 21st century as a result of increasing fossil fuel emissions. Whenever and where ever the fossil fuels are consumed recklessly a ‘carbon footprint’ is embossed on the globe due to unhealthy emissions which is no less than a scar on humanity.
    However, fact remains that the utilization of the non-replenishable and pollution creating fossil fuels cannot be suddenly stopped, yet efforts are to be made to adopt alternative sources of clean energy so that the activities of the world do not stop and the wheels of progress keep rolling unabatedly and the harmful GHG emissions are checked.
    The best way to abate and overcome the crisis of global warming and resultant climate change is to harness the ‘ever-aging, never old’ sources of renewable energy and steadily increasing its share of usage against the consumption of fossil fuels.
    Several global forums are developing action plans to accelerate this energy revolution, both through Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) endorsed by the United Nations and through Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in line with the Paris Agreement. As a consequence, a non-conventional approach to harness the everlasting sources of renewable energy is gaining momentum world over.
    In addition to the climate related global crisis, the economic recovery post-COVID-19 is an issue that requires attention and careful handling. The clean energy support is envisaged as one of the rescues and corrective measures. This is the kind of initiative that will result in many openings for employment seekers and help in overcoming poverty in rural as well as urban regions leading to improvement in the quality of life of the people.
    It will not be incorrect to say that “Clean energy can do the same for the 21st century what oil did in the 20th century.”
    Padhye S M

  4. Terri says:

    Who wants the hellscape promised by the global warming messengers of doom? It’s an easy sell for career politicians and their media minions and celebrities who are clearly experts on everything.
    The “existential” threat would be more believable if any of these afore mentioned folks didn’t reside in obscenely large abodes, own multiple homes, numerous cars and other fossil fuel guzzling toys like private jets and yachts. Not to mention the atomic sized clouds of CO2 needed to produce all of the endless things to fill their palaces. It’s hard to believe that coastal cities are soon to be swamped when the last president recently bought a $12 million plus estate on the New England coast. Even Bernie Owens three homes and Nancy doesn’t take dozens of trips to and fro SF on a broom.
    Meanwhile, they terrorize people who agree just trying to live with rules and regs and high tax “solutions.” The hypocrisy is grotesque; however, they truly believe that everyday Americans are rubes who won’t draw their own conclusions…

  5. R Colin Budd says:

    To clean up whatever adversely affects environment is good.
    That clean energy is the solution to global warming is wrong.
    Molten core farther from surface – Ice Age; closer-InterGlacial
    We are in the later stage of an Inter-Glacial.
    Atmosphere not the cause. Data right but conclusion wrong.

  6. Bobby Wayne Simmons says:

    Earth’s magnetic field is currently in a state of change. Already airport numbering of runways have changed one degree and remarking is ongoing to assist pilots in runway approach guidance. Science recognizes that this magnetic field change effects weather patterns but climate change alarmists don’t discuss it. ???

  7. Boba Lazarević says:

    Quite a hatchet of debunking. The word “debunking” is by now a trope used to lure the clicks. This article proves it.

    #1 – It’s cheap because it’s heavily subsidized. That may be fine now, but it’s gonna bite us back in the future. Especially when the precious rare metals used in the manufacturing go really scarce.

    2# – The wind farms may not kill most birds, but they do kill most rare and protected birds. That’s not a myth.

    3# – Is #3 even a thing? I’ve never heard anyone claiming that, or making it out to be a bad thing.

    #4 – Wind and solar may not output the CO2 into the air at all, but the processes around manufacturing and maintaining them absolutely do. The SF6, that the wind farms do leak out into the atmosphere, is said to be 26000 times worse a greenhouse gas than CO2. So, how did you exactly “debunk” this “myth”?

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