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Green Innovation for Tommorow Corp. Inauguration

Green Innovation

reen innovation comprises all type of innovations that contribute to the creation of key products, services, or processes to reduce the harm, impact, and deterioration of the environment at the same time that optimizes the use of natural resources. While we as individuals can do a lot of good by practicing our three R’s—reduce, reuse, Waste To energy Solutions recycle—we can’t do it alone. Green transformational leadership influences green human resource management (GHRM) practices.

Green Innovation For Tomorrow Corporation (GIFTC), has celebrated their grand inauguration today on 22nd of July 2016.

The privately own Power Plant has started to produce a net export of 10.8 MW on January this year and is already supplying green electricity to more than 10,000 households.

This Project success is the fruit of the great collaboration between GIFTC management, their EPC, AREVA Renewable Energies and their Erection Contractor, Engcon Energy Philippines.

This is the 9th Boimass Energy plant in the Philippines of this kind, using agricultural waste to fuel a steam turbine, installed and commissioned in Philippines.

The fit in tariff applied by the government has really helped the energy sector to diversify and implement greener sources of energy in Philippines.

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