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Energy Waste

Advantages of Producing Energy from Waste

Advantages of Producing Energy from Waste

The world population is increasing at an exponential rate. As such, we are using products that require packaging, meaning that waste has become a habit of life for most of us- like plastic packaging, food waste and used electronics that have reached their terms of usability. It is assessed that the typical person produces one ton of trash in a year. Now, imagine billions of tons of waste that cause adverse effects on the environment, because using the conventional method of collecting waste and putting it into a landfill is no longer workable.


Fortunately, some technologies can convert waste into energy. 

What is wastWaste Globale to energy?

Waste to energy is the process of producing energy (that can be used as heat or electricity) from waste materials. This process is a form of energy recovery, and also helps to reduce waste. 



Waste to energy is the process of producing energy (that can be used as heat or electricity) from waste materials. This process is a form of energy recovery, and also helps to reduce waste. 

The waste that collects in a landfill causes forming landfill gas, which can be regenerated into sources of energy for the following energy needs:

  • Natural gas
  • Fuel cells
  • Vehicle fuel
  • Steam
  • Electricity

How the Waste-to-Energy Process Works

The WTE process uses technologies specially designed that combust nonhazardous waste in a closed-loop system. It harnesses the heat generated by the combustion, using it to create steam, which powers a turbine that generates electricity.


Energy Waste

Advantages of turning waste into the energy:


  1. Production and use of energy: Electricity and heat can be generated from waste which gives an alternative source of energy. It has been estimated that one ton of waste can produce between 550 and 700-kilowatt hours—enough to power a person’s home for almost a month.
  2. Reduction of waste going to landfill: By converting waste to energy, it considerably reduces the amount of waste entering landfills, which can control greenhouse gases and saving valuable land.
  3. Utilization of by-products as fertilizers: The by-product of some Waste to Energy Companies processes such as anaerobic digestion is utilized as fertilizers and develops the nutrient content of the soil.
  4. Avoid methane emissions from landfills: After the waste has been delivered to a waste to energy facility, the methane that would have been generated if it were sent to a dump is avoided
  5. Recycles Excess Waste: The technology used to transform waste into energy also converts any metal that remains after combustion to further shrink the amount of unusable waste.
  6. Reduces of dependence on fossil fuel:  Reduces the reliance on energy imports and the environmental cost of transporting the energy by generating waste materials into energy.
  7. Domestic production of energy: Since there are tons of waste generated locally, there is no need for transporting materials or this process from far out.
  8. The benefit to the local community and economy: Because of establishing waste energy plants, it generates not only electricity but also jobs, where the local community benefits.
  9. Stability of energy and its price: The availability of waste to energy helps reduce fluctuations of price.
  10. Sustainable Process: The process itself is green, operating the latest pollution control facilities to clean and filter emissions, limiting their release into the environment.

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