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Solar Energy Facts - Reurasia

7 Amazing Solar Facts You Must Know

Solar energy is now trending, and there’s no doubt about that. As a viable energy resource, it has provided many tangible and intangible benefits to both homeowners and big and small business owners. Solar energy solutions have been making their way towards sustainable energy growth. It has provided interesting offers for great investment returns and overall profit generation.

Harnessing power from our very own “sun” is a clean, efficient, and affordable way to run your home or business. Take a look at the seven amazing facts to you to need to know about solar energy!

FACT#1: The most abundant energy source on Earth.
Can you imagine that every minute, 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strikes the Earth continuously! Its primary source of power is the “sun”, which is available for many upcoming million/billion years. What’s more impressive is that we can lessen the use of non-renewables, as every ounce of oil, every lump of coal, and every cubic foot of natural gas could be left. And, that’s the scale of the opportunity!

FACT#2: Solar power has a long history.

Solar History - Reurasia

According to theories, humans were already using solar energy way back 7th century B.C. History tells us that sunlight was used to light fires with glass materials. Accordingly, later in the 3rd century B.C., Greeks and Romans harness solar power to light torches for religious ceremonies. Daryl Chapman was the first one to invent the first PV solar cell used to capture energy. Accordingly, some gave credit to French scientist Edmond Becquerel as he discovered that light could accelerate electricity when two metal electrodes were placed into a conducting solution.

FACT#3: It produces no pollution.

Are you wondering if solar energy contributes to more pollution? According to Brio Energy, solar power production does not contribute to adding any greenhouse gases into our environment. In fact, it reduces it. Solar energy solutions are paving its way to decrease the emissions of harmful air pollutants significantly.

FACT#4: Power plants can last 30 years or more

Solar power plants can last much longer. It can offset your electricity for many decades. Not only it would last to 30 years or more (that probably depends on how you manage it), but the infrastructure built around the power plant also has a lot of value. Once a site is built with a solar energy power plant, it will have a very long and useful lifespan.

FACT#5: China is the world leader in solar energy

Solar - Reurasia

This might be a surprise, but yes, in recent years, China’s coal energy plants and mines have been shut down as part of the government efforts to maximize renewable energy usage. In fact, by the end of 2018, China has successfully installed Photovoltaics (PV.) capacity, which exceeds a mind-boggling of 509 Gigawatts. According to the Global Market Outlook for Solar Power, it can be seen China will continually boost its capacity around 1296 GW.

FACT#6: It creates more jobs.

Irena - Reurasia

Solar energy solutions don’t only give a difference in the difference and business areas, but it also creates more opportunity for unemployed persons. Apart from other renewable energy resources, the solar Photovoltaics (P.V.) sector remains in the first place, gaining a third category of the total renewable energy workforce.

FACT#7: Solar is the fastest energy source to deploy.

Think about when there’s a disaster that might destroy everything; no electricity source can be built as quickly as solar energy. Solar energy remains one of the fastest-growing renewable energy technologies with remarkable benefits to the country, businesses, and the environment.

Final Thoughts
With the many amazing facts presented about solar energy, it can be seen that this renewable energy resource is booming around the world, especially in Asia. Investors and large businesses across the energy sector must take notice of how solar energy solutions can help them with more significant profits in return.

At Reurasia Energy Solutions, we know how much businesses value investments so. With this in mind, we will strive to give you the best service you could ask for. Connect with us today and will be right in your hand.

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