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REURASIA Life Project For Youth


“Knowledge is Power” adage is long dead as it was proven that the workforce had shown us that sharing knowledge is helpful to everybody.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the cornerstone of our non-energy community involvement. Reurasia’s mission is to utilize our core competence in offering environmental project guidance, development and advice with inclusive solutions for investors and in partnership and collaboration with associated foundations in the progression of education, environment and community development.

As part of our commitment to establishing sustainable communities, we encourage our employees to volunteer and reach out to more communities and help the less fortunate in the villages and the organizations that serve them.

One of our drives is to reach organizations like LIFE PROJECT 4 YOUTH, which empowers youth organizations to help address urging needs and concerns in their local community through projects they propose, plan, and implement.

As a part of our education program, We chose Life Project 4 Youth – an organization dedicated to the professional and social integration of Young Adults living in extreme poverty and exclusion.

We conducted a series of presentation regarding Project management and the corporate world at Life Project 4 Youth.

We are happy to have this opportunity to share! Any successful project, be it big or small, has one thing at its core: efficient collaboration, and you can achieve it with knowledge sharing.

We are thankful enough that we have been part of this successful event.

Maxime Droit CEO at REURASIA Energy Solutions Biomasss Construction & Commissioning Expert

is dedicating its time to serve the local community's best interest by developing and supporting sustainable renewable energy projects in the Philippines.