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A New Step For Dairy Farmers Conserve Energy

Are your farm operations efficient up until now? Or, are there any changes in some aspects of your operation? In most cases, the answer is “yes”— your operations could be more efficient, and you could be saving money. As energy prices continue to accelerate, farmers are looking for possible ways to reduce electricity and fuel use on the farm.

There are many proposed methods to reduce energy costs. However, some conservation still brings negative consequences, especially when a business doesn’t know if it’s safe and effective to use. Many farmers are still using harmful methods like fossil fuels that negatively affect the environment. Thus, it is essential to guard against the “false efficiency” of these non-renewables as they cause more problems than they’re worth. Now, what can every dairy farmer do without affecting farm operations negatively? Is turning to renewable energies like biogas, solar, or biomass possible?

A Careful Assessment

Energy efficiency on farms could be the most critical factor that every nation must also focus on. Most farms use various energy sources such as electricity, gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, and natural gas, which are quite harmful to the environment as they produce greenhouse gasses emissions, and a high amount of toxic gases spread in the atmosphere. Therefore, there must be a careful assessment, wherein every small detail should be considered. Weigh things accordingly, or you’re going to ask if renewables are more efficient or not.

Target Energy-Saving Projects and Practices

After examining what existing energy was used or practiced by a farm, it is now the time to sort things out. Target energy-saving methods and possible projects that a farm can adapt. As being mentioned-above, coals and fossil fuel are harmful, thereby why not change to renewables? Many companies that offer energy conservation methods that are cost-effective and affordable. On the other hand, the dairy farm’s waste is known to be useful for biogas production. Livestock and poultry businesses in other countries have installed biogas plants that reduce waste by turning it into energy.

If you’re thinking of converting the farm’s organic waste, you can use a biogas calculator tool to check the available substrates if it’s possible for biogas energy production. Aside from biogas energy, many other ECM’s a farm can utilize, like installing solar electric fencing, improving water systems, and overall visibility of the farm’s building.

Saving Both Money and Energy

Reducing energy costs and lowering down your energy bill is only possible if your farm is ready to upgrade and be more profitable. Several related strategies involve changing the way you use energy, which could also yield savings. Typically, farmers use a method practice wherein electricity usage is determined as to what time in a day to reduce energy cost. However, this is quite a hassling activity. On the other hand, another effective method is through renewable energy.

Farmers can reduce the amount they have to pay for the bills, and farmers don’t need to schedule a specific time and date when to use or when not to use. Likewise, the production of biogas energy from animal manure is the most common and popular renewable for livestock, poultry, and farm fields.



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