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4 Benefits of an Off Grid Solar Power System

1. Easy to Install
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You can install an off grid solar power system virtually anywhere as it does not depend on the grid. The installation is also simple and straightforward as you are not connected to your area’s grid. Some off grid solar system such as Solar GEM® can even be deployed in just 30 min.


2. Little to no service disruption

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Producing your own electricity means your are connected directly to the source and dramatically reduces the risk of power outages. Unlike when connected to the grid, any disruption on the vast network of power lines that connects you to the energy source would leave you without electricity.


3. Reduced electricity cost

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Although the initial investment for an off the grid solar power system is higher than a grid-tied system, it eliminates your dependence on the utility company. You become free from monthly electricity bills and protected from rising and sudden spikes on electricity rates. You will save a lot in the long term even when comparing the cost of maintenance for an off grid solar power system against a grid tied electricity source.


4. Perfect for rural and remote areas

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Most rural and remote areas are not connected to the main power grid area is very difficult and expensive to connect and even if they are, the area does not have sufficient infrastructure causing frequent power outages.

In these type of areas, an off grid solar power system is the best option. It does not require additional investment for the connection to the grid, and it can easily be transported to any location.



Although there are instances that a grid-tied solar system or just depending on the utility company is a better option, in areas where weather is extreme, fossil fuel prices are soaring, infrastructure is poor or just the unavailability of connection to the main grid, an off grid solar power system is definitely more practical.

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