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Containerized Solar Solutions

Why Containerized Solar Solutions Are Ideal for the Mining Industry

Mines are essential to the global economy because they supply raw materials for various products. However, getting power to these remote mining sites can be challenging. Many businesses rely on generators to provide enough electricity to run their operations. As a result, they must transport a large amount of fuel over long distances to meet demand. At the same time, it has several adverse effects on health and the environment. So, containerized solar power solutions are a great way to get energy and support mining operations that rely on diesel generators.


The Problem With Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are prevalent in the mining industry due to their portability, ease of operation, and low maintenance requirements. However, the use of diesel generators as a power source for mining activities has certain disadvantages:

Many mining projects have relied on diesel generators to run their operations. However, the price of diesel and the challenges in transporting it poses a dilemma for the industry. Therefore, mining enterprises should install containerized solar systems to supplement their diesel generators.

With containerized solar solutions, the mining industry can reduce the expense of diesel fuel and transport costs by using a renewable energy source.

Because they’re fully contained in shipping containers and can be easily transported by truck or train, these systems are efficient for companies to reduce their carbon footprint while keeping costs low.

In addition to being cost-effective, these systems are also very reliable—they require little maintenance thanks to their durable construction and long lifespan. They also give you backup power if an extended brownout happens, which can happen when a big storm or earthquake hits.

Containerized Solar Solutions


How solar energy makes the Philippines’ mining industry more stable

The mining industry in the Philippines is beginning to rely more on solar panels as diesel prices continue to rise. As diesel prices continue to rise, the mining industry in the Philippines is beginning to rely increasingly on solar panels. Unlike diesel, which must be brought to mines at a considerable expense, sunshine is delivered at no cost. Mining businesses reduce their reliance on imported supplies by utilizing local resources. This is a big benefit when natural disasters disrupt diesel delivery.

Solar panels cannot provide on-demand power, particularly in heavy industries such as mining. However, this dependability can be achieved by combining batteries and diesel generators. It is difficult for a mine to eliminate the use of diesel, but when solar panels and batteries are added to the energy mix, energy costs drop. This makes the power more reliable and lowers the cost of electricity.


Containerized solar panels’ advantages in the mining industry


Installation is simple.

There is no need for construction! The Containerized Solar Solution from REURASIA is pre-wired and includes solar panels, a mounting structure, and an inverted electrical panel. This technology is intended for rapid deployment both on and off the grid.



A solar solution fits inside a container and is made for mobile and remote sites, like those found in most mining industries.


Increases the resilience of mining sites

Mining sites with a solar power system, such as a containerized solar solution, rely less on fuel deliveries. Instead, they can get a large portion of their power from the sun via on-site solar panels. While solar panels require sunlight to operate, their energy can also be stored in batteries for cloudy days or at night. Battery storage, like solar, is becoming more affordable and appealing to miners and other high-energy users. Even if solar power makes it hard for mining companies to get diesel, they can still keep doing business.

Solar power is not only environmentally friendly—it’s also cost-effective. For example, many containers are made of metal, which protects them from the elements and prevents rusting while they’re sitting in place waiting for a shipment or being transported across long distances. This means that once they’ve been installed at your site after being delivered by truck or train, there’s no maintenance needed for years at a time!



The system is built to withstand extreme weather and tested in typhoon conditions. The solar panels are made more robust with galvanized steel and can be folded back inside the container to keep them safe even in the worst conditions.


Easy to maintain

A containerized solar solution is built with no moving parts during operation. As a result, maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum, and lifespan costs can be reduced significantly. Also, because the system is simple, it is easy to instruct operators on how to do maintenance.


Containerized Solar Solutions

Making the best decision

The Philippine mining industry is one of the most challenging to make ecologically friendly. This is because the mining sector uses high-energy machinery to extract minerals.

On the other hand, mining companies can continue to operate using cleaner energy. A significant portion of a mine’s electricity, for example, can be generated by a CO2-free solar power system. Furthermore, it reduces mines’ reliance on consistent fuel delivery and increases their self-sufficiency.


Containerized solar energy solutions from Reurasia are dependable to power mining sites and can continuously back up diesel generators to meet their energy needs. Please contact us immediately if you require assistance putting together a solar power system for your mining facility.


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